Strachan 777 Premier Pool Table Cloth

by Strachan

Strachan 777 Premier Pool Table cloth. Quality napped pool cloth made in England using Pure New Wool. 777 Premier is suitable for use on non-tournament pool tables but is slightly less durable and slightly faster than 6811-Pool.

The nap on the Strachan 777 Premier is much more subtle than on the 6811 grade cloths also supplied at Billiards Boutique.

Sold in a 26oz/yard pre-cut pack to the size of your chosen table. Available in blue or green.

When fitting this cloth please note the shiny side is the playing surface and the 'woolly' side in the underside of the cloth.

It is also important to note that a snooker table and a pool table are measured differently. A pool table is measured as the full external length of the table meaning that the playing surface is always less. A snooker table is measured to the playing length of the table. So therefore a full size 12ft snooker table will have a cloth of 12ft length.

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