Andy 988 Cloth | Powder Blue | 9ft Bed and Cushion Pack

Andy 988 Cloth | Powder Blue | 9ft Bed and Cushion Pack

Andy Cloth

Andy 988 Professional Worsted Pool Table Cloth for a 9ft bed and cushion. This is the cloth used at the GB 9 Ball Tour for the 2018 season and has ...

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Pool and Snooker Accessories

So you have that new snooker cue or pool cue, now what do you do?

Well you are going to need some accessories. Cue tips break, wear out or sometimes come off the cue so having spares in your pocket or cue case is a must, there are so many brands to choose from, from budget options through to premium professional layered cue tips, there is something to suit every style of play.

Chalk is also a must have item as this will help maintain the cue tip but also gives you the confidence to play with spin on the cue ball. 

Keep all this in check with tip tools, sanders and files. Maintenance of your cue is so important so make sure you have the right kind of products ready when you need them.

Need help to choose snooker accessories?

Please feel free to get in touch, there are a variety of ways. Buy with confidence from a reputable online seller with over 14 years experience.

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