English Pool Cues - Peradon 8 Ball Pool Break Cue

Peradon 8 Ball Pool Break Cue


Peradon English 8 Ball Pool Break Cue. This break cue is a 1 piece pool cue designed specifically to give you the weighting and balance required fo...

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About English Pool Cues

English Pool Cues are the cues generally used for the game of English 8-Ball pool most often found in pubs and clubs across the UK. They are made in a similar way to a snooker cue but have a number of various differences, the two most notable are the length, which tends to be slightly shorter, and the tip size which is also smaller to cope with the smaller cue ball. In addition some manufacturers, like Peradon, have started supplying English pool cues with two joint positions so that the bottom section can be unscrewed for the 'tight corner' in every pub! We have English pool cues from some of the best brands in the game such as Britannia, Cannon, Peradon and also a range of made to order pool cues from the Cue Craft range that allow a certain level of customisation without having to break the bank.

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