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Cue Cases

Cue Case for Snooker and Pool Cues

Your snooker cue case will be the most important accessory that you purchase for your new snooker or pool cue. Whichever cue case you purchase whether it be a soft case or an aluminium case it will offer varying degrees of protection to your cue as well as making it easier to carry about.

There are four main styles of cue cases available at Billiards Boutique for different types of cue. The American Style cue cases are designed for an American Pool Cue but can also take any centre-jointed 2 piece cue. Next up we have two piece cue cases, designed solely for a centre-jointed pool or snooker cue. the third style is a 3/4 cue case, designed to accept cue with a 3/4 joint position and also has enough space for extensions. Lastly are the full length 1 piece cue cases, these will hold 1 or sometimes 2 full length cues.

Read our Buyers Guide: Cue Cases for more information.

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