Suzie's Diary: Women's Festival of Snooker 2019

Suzie's Diary: Women's Festival of Snooker 2019

12-15th April saw the return of the Women's Festival of Snooker to the Northern Snooker Centre in Leeds. A record field of entries saw over 30 players attending the festival from across the globe including many players from from Hong Kong, China and Thailand. The festival saw 5 World Championship titles decided over four days; the World Women's 10-Red Championship, the World Women's 6-Red Championship, the World Women's Under 21 Championship, the World Women's Pairs Championship and the World Women's Seniors Championship.

The event kicked off on the Friday with the World Women's U21 Championship where Thailand's Ploychompoo Laokiatphong beat fellow Thai player and defending champion Nutcharut Wongharuthai in the final. Nutcharut recently recorded a superb 147 break in a practice match, believed to be the first ever maximum break recorded by a female.

World Women's 10 Red Championship

Saturday saw the World Women's 10-Red event, where I faced China's Yee Ting Cheung in the Last 32. I lost this match 3-0 which was a real disappointment. Having dominated the first frame and been 40 points up I was put in a difficult snooker which cost me 20 foul points, struggling to adapt to the slide of the cushions on fast tables. Then requiring up to the brown to secure the frame, I played a good safety shot on the green to stun the white to the top cushion however unfortunately flucked the green which left me in a very difficult snooker on the brown. Many failed judgements on a swerve shot from the jaws of the green pocket, I came within a whisker of the brown but was left requiring snookers. The second frame was a similar affair, and a rattled frame ball green led to my opponent clearing to take a 2-0 lead. A poor break off shot in the third frame left my opponent perfectly in the balls and a 46 break followed by some well placed safety shots secured her a 3-0 win. I went on to come runner-up in Challenge Cup side event, losing a close match to my doubles partner Laura Evans, but I was pleased with a win over Hong Kong's So Man Yan in the semi final.

Reanne Evans came back from 2-0 down to defeat Ng On Yee 4-3 in the final and take the 10 Red title, meaning she had the potential to regain the World Number 1 spot by reaching the quarter finals of the 6 red event the next day.

World Women's 6 Red Championship

Onto Sunday's 6-Red event, where I was keen to do better than the day before to help secure some ranking points. I had a cagey match against Claire Edginton in the Last 32 which I won 2-1. I then faced China's Zhuqing Bi in the last 16. I went 1-0 up after a close first frame and I had the first stab in the balls in the second to take a 30 point lead. Upon potting the second to last red I made a very silly mistake - I tucked up to the black forgetting the 6-red rule of not being able to roll up to a colour. Having placed myself in a very difficult snooker with hampered cueing the frame score soon became level. I lost the frame on the blue and the next frame saw Bi win comfortably. Frustrated at a costly silly mistake, I was determined to win the decider and managed to edge a long safety battle on the colours to win 3-2. I then faced World No3 Rebecca Kenna in the quarter finals. I was left numerous chances which I failed to take so Rebecca dispatched me fairly quickly 3-0.

Reanne Evan's overcame Thailand's Nutcharut Wongharuthai in the final meaning she reclaimed her World Number 1 spot over Hong Kong's Ng On Yee.

World Women's Pairs Championship

The last event of the weekend was the World Women's Pairs event. Laura Evans and I had strong hopes having come runner-up in 2017 and 2018 and proving we could beat the top teams having dispatched Hong Kong duo Ng On Yee and Katrina Wan in 2017 and Thailand pair Waratthanun Sukritthanes and Nutcharat Wongharuthai in 2018. Laura and I had a bye to the quarter final and faced Thailand's Ploychompoo Laokiaphong and Baipat Siripaporn. The first frame saw us hold a small lead for the majority of the frame however a well placed snooker put the scores level on the last red. I escaped from another snooker but left a long last red and Ploy made a good clearance to take the first frame. Trailing in the next frame by 40 points Laura compiled a well thought out 30 break to close the gap, but a lost safety battle resulted in a 2-0 loss. Laura and I went on the win the Pairs Challenge Cup - I made a 51 break to beat Jackie Ellis and Maureen Rowland in the semi final and Laura took some good chances in a scrappy final against Jan Hughes and Ronda Sheldreck in the final as a consolation prize at least.

The Pairs was eventually won by Reanne Evans and Maria Catalano, who beat Ploychompoo and Baipat in the final. The English duo survived deciding frames in matches against Ng On Yee and So Man Yan in the last eight,and Thai pair Wongharuthai and Waratthanun Sukritthanes in the semi-finals. Ng On Yee compiled a fantastic 130 break in the pairs event which was the highest of the weekend.

The festival was dominated by Reanne and saw her successfully defend all three titles and return to top spot in the rankings, going into the last event of the season, the World Women's Championships which is being held in Thailand in June.

I would like to thank organisers at WWS for a great event and hosts at the Northern Snooker Centre, and of course Billiards Boutique.
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