5 Top Snooker Gifts Under £25.00

Triangle Pro Chalk

Welcome to my second snooker gift guide for the lead up to Christmas 2016. In this guide I will be taking a look at five top products under £25.00 that make great secondary gifts or even could be used a stocking fillers.

My previous guide was for 5 Top Snooker Gifts Under £10 and like that other gift guide I am choosing these from personal preference and from what you guys are actually buying in our store.

Once again the items are in no particular order, see them below.

5 Top Snooker Gifts Under £25.00

1. Pictured above you will see the new for 2016 Triangle Pro Snooker Chalk, this brand new product is a 12 piece box of specially formulated darker green chalk that with new ingredients and recipe means you get more cue ball grip and control. Price £20.80 for 12 pieces.

2. Also launched this year and manufactured by Tweeten Fibre Co. are the new Elk-Pro snooker cue tips, available in various sizes and three hardness grades these tips have been selling very well and offer a consistent pressed leather tip that combines very well with the Pro Chalk. Price £21.30 for a pack of 3.

3. One of the most popular layered tips on the market the Kamui Black Snooker Cue Tip is my next pick for this list. Available in Medium and Medium-Hard they are very true, very consistent and grip the cue ball to great effect. Price £10.90

4. I know it's yet another pack of chalk but the attention to detail in the packaging alone is worth a mention. The Molinari CHLK is only available in blue but it's six piece box with each cylindrical piece individually wrapped dwarfs the other chalks on the market in terms of presentation. It is very similar to the Predator Chalk in it's make up and recipe. Price £12.97

5. My final pick for this under £25 gift guide is the Peradon Tip Mate, it is a really handy tip tool for trimming, shapping and maintaining a cue tip once installed and with it's metal casing and parts will last a lot longer than other tools on the market. It is also available in Black or Silver. Price £13.97

So that completes this handy little guide, look out for the next one on Friday when I take a brief view at snooker gifts under £50. If you have any questions about these or any of our products please get in touch.

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