Updated Colour Options on SAM K-Steel II American Pool Tables

Sam K-Steel Walnut Finish

SAM K-Steel II Tables have recently undergone a number of changes to the way that they are now sold from the factory in Spain and in turn the UK Distributor.

The tables themselves are still made to the exact same specification and offer world leading build quality and stability.

What the changes mean is that there are less finishes now available from the factory and that some of those finishes will have an additional cost. The company that creates the veneer finishes, Formica, have discontinued certain veneers and as a result SAM Billares have reduced the number of veneers available on the standard range of tables.

If you have a desire for a particular finish then it can still be ordered as a one off but a much larger premium would have to be paid to accommodate this.

The Standard Table Range

There are now four finishes in the standard range of colours, these are all priced at £4999.00 for an 8ft table. The colours are:

The Premium Table Range

Some of the old colours are retained for this section but there is a £200 premium for these table finishes over the standard range. These SAM tables are all £5199.00 for an 8ft version.

This range also includes Matt Black, Matt White and Mahogany finishes that can be found in the main product.

The Deluxe Table Range

A £400 premium is paid for tables in this range of finishes over the standard colours. The majority are new to the range. You can purchase one of these for £5399.00 for an 8ft table. They are available in Sunrise, Sunlight, Black Gloss and White Gloss finishes.

If you have a question about any of our SAM K-Steel pool tables or require a table finished in a different veneer then please contact us to discuss your requirements.

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