Hohmann Wins Second Major American Pool Title in Two Weeks

July 28, 2015 13:07

Thorsten HohmannGerman pool player Thorsten Hohmann is certainly the man in form at the moment after having lifted the World Tourament of 14.1 title last week he backed this up with victory in the US Open 10-ball Championships at the Rio Hotel in Las Vegas.

Coming through a field of players packed full of former tournament champions and World Champions, Hohmann bested Shane van Boening in the semi final match to set up the final with Justin Hall.

Van Boening is regarded by many as the best exponent of the 10-ball game so Hohmann getting through that match unscathed would have done his confidence wonders.

The final was a race-to-13 and the early exchanges saw Hohmann leading 2-1 with Hall running out the next rack only to miss the 5 ball. This meant Hohmann was able to mop up and take the rack. He also added the next meaning an early lead of 4-1.

The deficit remained this close for the next few racks as the players exchanged blows. The break out rack was rack number 12, Hall broke but scratched but in doing so had managed to tie some balls on the rail. Hohmann used the ball in hand to break the cluster only for them to gather again on the top rail. He used the next pot to break the cluster again, the recent win at the 14.1 surely helping his play here, this gave him the chance to finish the table and extend the lead to 8-4.

Hohmann then never really looked back as Hall failed to add another rack to his side of the scoreboard. Hohmann won the match 13-4 in the end and was far more comfortable than the early exchanges would have suggested.

Hohmann really does look like a ma in form at the moment, The Eurotour returns this coming weekend in Austria and if the German makes the trip he will surely be one of the favourites.


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