Gift Cards now Available

The title of this Blog post probably tells you everything you need to know, but, for the need to fill some of this blank space I will elaborate a little bit below.

Yes, that's right, Gift Cards are now available from Billiards Boutique.

If you are unsure what to get for a loved one then this will be the perfect option for you for a Birthday or Christmas present.

Currently we offer 5 different values of Gift Cards starting at £10.00 right up to £200.00.

The cards are delivered via email and the user will need to have a Billiards Boutique account.

The cool thing about the Gift Cards is that they can be used across multiple visits, so say you have a £200.00 card and only want to buy a set of balls for £20, the £180.00 remains in your account for your next visit.

If you have any questions regarding Gift Cards then please get in touch.

Buy a Gift Card here.

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