Re-tipping Your Pool or Snooker Cue

June 08, 2015 11:30

One of the most often asked questions that we receive from customers is How do I change the tip on my pool or snooker cue? 

We get this question over the phone, via email and by live chat.

Most customers come to us with a fear of doing something wrong when in fact it is actually quite an easy task to carry out if you have a few simple tools to help.

The short guide below is designed to give you a step-by-step approach to changing a tip and will hopefully put your mind at ease.

Tools Required

  • Sharp blade (Stanley knife or similar)
  • Sand paper
  • Gel based super glue or 10-minute cement
  • Your favourite tip tool
  • A new cue tip
  • Masking tape

Removing the old tip

To do this you need a sharp implement preferably a pen knife or stanley knife. For best results clamp the cue so that it doesn't slip. Put masking tape around the ferrule to prevent scratches and give a bit of protection. Place the knife between the top of the ferrule and the bottom of the tip and cut away from yourself (recommended that an adult does this). Most tips will come away fairly easily however some might require a bit of a sawing action.

Some cues may have some glue residue on top of the cue, remove this carefully with the sharp blade until the surface is flat and clean.

Replacing the tip

Make sure that both surfaces are clean before replacing the cue tip.

  • Remove old glue residue from the top of the cue (as described above)
  • Lightly sand the base of the cue tip (not necessary on layered cue tips)

To do this use a light sand paper but try not to round the ferrule or the cue tip in the process, both surfaces need to be flat.

Place glue onto one surface (a very small amount is all that is required). Billiards Boutique recommends a gel based substance like Bison Super Glue Gel but you can of course use any strong adhesive. These glues allow you to move the tip around until it is in the correct position. Apply firm pressure to the tip for around 5 minutes (use a tip clamp rather than your finger!) and then leave to dry for at least 2-3 hours (overnight for best results).

Make sure you clean up any residue glue, protecting the ferrule with masking tape again is a good idea.

Shaping the Tip

Different players require slightly different shaped tips and you won't know what you prefer unless you try it out. Regardless of what kind of shape you like you will be aiming for some sort of dome on the tip to give you the best results.

Use a Tip Sander to get the bulk of the work done and then finish off with a lighter grade sandpaper or even a tool like the Supafile.

Again before embarking on any of this sanding work protect the top of your cue and ferrule with masking tape. You want to work from the top of the tip and then down towards the sides whilst rotating the cue through your hands to keep an even dome.

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Blog Post Updated 8th June 2015.