Buyers Guide: Cue Cases

Snooker and Pool Cues: Protecting Your Investment
You have finally decided on the cue that you want, it feels right, looks great and plays like a dream. But for the money you have spent how are you now adequately going to protect it?
The first port of call is almost certainly going to be a cue case, however, with so much on offer in today’s marketplace what are you going to opt for?
Budget Soft Cases
For around £10.00 you can purchase yourself a budget soft case. These cases usually only fit a 2 piece centre-jointed cue and offer only minimal protection to your cue. They are usually made of plastic and have a very thin layer of foam by way of protection. These cases are ideal for the casual player or for someone that does not really worry about the state of their cue.
They are really only designed for carrying a cue from place to place and should not be used as full protection for your cue.
Padded Soft Cases
Usually cost in the region of £10-£30.00. These cases offer a bit more protection than the budget versions and are designed with padded protection in mind. At this level you can also get a version for ¾-jointed cues and versions that will hold an extension as well.
A good example of this type of case is the Peradon Full Zip 2 Piece Soft Case for 2 piece cues or the Peradon Full Zip 3/4 Cue Case for 3/4 jointed cues.
Standard Attache (Box) Cases
For slightly more money than a padded soft case you can buy an attaché style hard box case. These cases are designed to give a lot more protection to your cue and come in a variety of sizes for cues of all types.
The box nature of the case will protect your cue whilst stored from minimal knocks and bumps and the odd drop. However, they do have a tendency to break at the sides as they are usually only made of a heavy-duty hardboard material with a leatherette or plastic finish.
Slightly more cumbersome to carry but will protect your cue much more effectively than a soft case.
Try these:
Aluminium Attache Cases
This type of case gives the best protection available. Soft padded foam interiors stop the sections of your cue from knocking together whilst in transit. The exterior is made from aluminium, which is very light but also very strong and robust.
However, for this type of protection expect to pay anywhere between £30-£80.00.
An aluminium case will protect your cue whilst in storage from all manner of knocks and bumps. and probably gives your cue the best protection available, especially if they have a foam lined interior and compartments or deviders for both sections of a cue. Recently a number of very stylish Aluminium trim cue cases have come on the market which utilise elements of construction from both the aluminium and attache style to create a kind of hybrid that is lightweight and very good to look at. The one's we sell are the Peradon Halo Range.

Try These:
For those wanting something a bit more fancy or a bit different then you could also look into a leather snooker cue case or a tubular style american pool cue case.
When it comes to buying a case have a look to see which type of case suits you best. Find one that really suits your needs. If you are a casual player with a relatively cheap cue then a £50 aluminium case is probably too much, on the other hand if you have spent £100.00 on a cue only spending a fiver on a case is a false economy.
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