2014 World Cup of Pool - Returns to UK

World Cup of Pool - Team England

For the first time in 9 years, when the first ever World Cup of Pool was held in Newport, Wales. This long running International 2-person team event once again hits UK shores.

Starting on September 23rd the 2014 World Cup of Pool will take place at the Mountbatten Centre, Portsmouth. As the host nation England will have two teams in the 32 team field and England A will feature probably the most decorated English pool player of all-time in Darren Appleton, he will be joined by fellow Mosconi Cup player Karl Boyes and will be a very strong team indeed.

England B is also made up of a former World 9-Ball Champion in Daryl Peach and his partner is multiple ranking tournament winner Chris Melling. Melling has not been full-time on the pool circuit this season after gaining his tour card for the World Snooker tour so it will be interesting to see whether the step back into 9-ball will be a welcome return or a bit of a distraction.

I was lucky enough to be at the first World Cup of Pool back in 2006 and even back then it was evident how passionate the Filipino fans were, I remember the foyer being packed with fans waiting to get an autograph with Efren Reyes and Francisco Bustamante. Those two legends of the game are not representing team Philippines this time but as defending champions Dennis Orcollo and Lee Van Corteza will certainly be amongst the favourites to win the event, and if they did it would be the countries 4th World Cup of Pool title.

Another team always worth a mention are Team USA, being represented by one of the most consistent players to come out of the States from the past 10 years, Shane van Boening, and a man that rarely needs any introduction, Earl Strickland.

Back in 2005 I organised a tournament called the APN Invitational and flew Strickland over from the USA to compete, there is no doubt that he can be an absolute genius on the table but it also depends on which Earl turns up. He can be rude, he can be unprofessional and he is always entertaining. I found him to be a very pleasant and humble man away from the table and away from the limelight, he even played in our Friday night £10 entry flyer and loved it. The fans want to see Strickland probably more so than the other world stars on show as they know they will also get something exceptional.

World Cup of Pool – The Tournament

If you haven’t seen the World Cup of Pool before it is an International team competition that consists of 32 two-man teams from across the globe. Europe has 17 nations represented, Asia has 10 and the Rest of the World, which includes the USA, have 5.

It is a straight knockout tournament meaning there really is only one chance. The two-man teams play alternate shot ‘scotch doubles’ which makes for a very interesting dynamic as you are playing a positional shot for your partner rather than yourself so knowing each others strengths and weaknesses is very important.

The prize fund is $250,000 with the winning team taking home $60,000.

Play starts at 12 noon on Tuesday 23rd September and runs through until the final on Sunday 28th September. Matchroom Sport will be providing live streaming as well as recording the event for later broadcast on Sky Sports in the UK.

World Cup of Pool – The Sponsors 

The 2014 World Cup of Pool is sponsored by Diamond Billiard Tables and all play will take place on a Diamond table. The official cue is Predator Cues and the official tournament cloth is provided by Iwan Simonis.

World Cup of Pool – The Teams

Austria – Albin Ouschan & Mario He
Croatia – Ivica Putnik & Karlo Dalmatin
Czech Republic – Roman Hybler & Michal Gavenciak
England A – Darren Appleton & Karl Boyes
England B – Daryl Peach & Chris Melling
Finland – Mika Immonen & Petri Makkonen
France – Stephan Cohen & Alex Montpelier
Germany – Ralf Souquet & Thorsten Hohmann
Greece – Nikos Ekonomopoulos & Alexander Kazakis
Holland – Niels Feijen & Nick van den Berg
Italy – Fabio Petroni & Daniele Corrieri
Poland – Karol Skowerski & Mateusz Sniegocki
Portugal – Manuel Gama & Guilherme Sousa
Russia – Konstantin Stepanov & Ruslan Chinakhov
Spain – David Alcaide & Francisco Diaz-Pizarro
Sweden – Andreas Gerwen & Tomas Larsson
Switzerland – Dimitri Jungo & Ronni Regli

Rest of World
Australia – Phil Reilly & James Georgiadis
Canada – Alex Pagulayan & John Morra
Chile – Alejandro Carvajal & Enrique Rojas
Qatar – Waleed Majid & Bashar Hussain
USA – Shane Van Boening & Earl Strickland

China – Wang Can & Dang Jinhu
Chinese Taipei – Chang Yu-lung & Hsu Kai Lun
India – Raj Hundal & Amar Kang
Indonesia – Irsal Nasution & Muhammad Zulfikri
Japan – Hayato Hijikata & Masaaki Tanaka
Korea – Jeong Yung Hwa & Ha Minuk
Malaysia – Ibrahim Amir & Alan Tan
Philippines – Dennis Orcollo & Lee Vann Corteza
Thailand – Nitiwat Kanjanasri & Tanut Makkamontee
Vietnam – Nguyen Phuc Long & Dang Thanh Kien

World Cup of Pool – 1st Round Draw

  • Philippines v Chile
  • Italy v France
  • USA v Croatia
  • Japan v Russia
  • Finland v S. Korea
  • Poland v Australia
  • Chinese Taipei v Qatar
  • Austria v Portugal
  • Holland v Sweden
  • Thailand v Switzerland
  • Germany v Malaysia
  • Canada v Vietnam
  • China v Czech Republic
  • England ‘B’ v India
  • England ‘A’ v Spain
  • Greece v Indonesia

World Cup of Pool Tickets

As of writing tickets for most sessions are still available and are priced at £5.00 for an afternoon session and £10.00 for an evening session with a season ticket costing just £60.00 and covering all sessions. A transaction fee is applicable when purchasing online through www.seetickets.com.

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