Strachan Snooker Cloth Manufacturer Gains New Funding

July 02, 2014 12:08 1 Comment

The manufacturer of the very popular Strachan 6811 snooker cloth – WSP Textiles Ltd – has recently received £3.9 million worth of investment to support the company in implementing it’s future growth strategy.

The company, based in Stroud, Gloucestershire, has been involved in the industry since 1920 and currently is the cloth supplier of choice for both the World Snooker Tour and the IBSF World Championships with their Strachan No. 10 and Strachan 6811 Tournament cloths respectively.

The Strachan branded cloth is also used in the WEPF World 8-Ball Championships and in the IPA Tour pool events in the UK and is sold into markets across 38 countries.

It is said that the cash injection will enable WSP Textiles to invest in alternative technologies to offer a broader product range to its existing customer base.

WSP also have a solid foundation in the sport of Tennis by supplying the specialty woolen fabric that is used on Tennis balls at Wimbledon, the French Open and Australian Open.

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