Supreme Winner Pool Table Review

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Supreme Winner Pool Table in Walnut finish

Some of the content in this article was originally posted on our old blog here, this updated and expanded article will try to give a full review of the Supreme Winner Pool Table, the prices, and the dimensions available.

In addition we will also look at the current finishes and cloth colours that are available on this very popular model of English pool table.

Supreme Winner Pool Tables – Playability

Ben Davies, a top ranked IPA Pool Professional and recent semi-finalist at the inaugural World Professional Blackball Championships at Lakeside says that the Winner plays very true, and in particularly the rails and pockets. As long as you the player are accurate with your cueing the pocket and the rail will take the ball at whatever the speed.

I prefer the supreme winner pool table because it’s the only table I have played on that plays completely true. You can judge most tables on the way the balls go down the rails, and the majority are either too tight or the jaws are cut wrong or just simply too easy. But the supreme is bang in the middle. If you’re potting a ball down the rail you need to hit it right on the supreme and if you hit it right then there’s no limit to the speed you can play the shot – Ben Davies IPA Professional

Simon Ward and Andy McDonald. both IPA Professionals, believe that consistency is the key. The tables play the same from one to the next and the cushion rubber used means that playing doubles or positional shots off the rails will be consistent whichever Winner you are playing on.

They both also say that the cut of the pockets is just right, not stupidly tight and not overly forgiving. Pool should be about accuracy and the pocket cut should reflect this. The Supreme Winner does this job better than other tables available on the market.

There is of course two other major elements that can affect the playability of a pool table, the cloth, which you can control to some degree and then the slate. The slate on the Supreme tables is a 3/4″ (1.9cm) thick precision ground Italian slate bed that gives a very level and consistent playing surface. The slate will remain true for a lifetime if the table is setup correctly and maintained.

Supreme Winner Pool Tables – Size Guide

Supreme make the Winner models in three different external sizes. These have dimensions of 6ft x 3ft (183 x 91cm), 7ft x 4ft (213 x 122cm) and then the made-for-TV size of 8ft x 4ft (244 x 122cm).

These sizes refer to the external size of the pool table not the actual playing surface, the paying areas are listed below:

6ft – 160cm x 83cm

7ft – 183cm x 91cm

8ft – 241cm x 91cm

The most popular sizes are the 6ft and 7ft, it is rare to find an 8ft model outside of a televised tournament but they are available if required.

One other thing that affects which table you may wish to buy is the room size that you have in which to place your table. We always work to 4.5ft of clearance all of the way around the table as this will mean you should have enough room to be cueing right on the rail and not be hitting a wall behind you with a full length cue. Obviously this is all ideal world stuff so if you do have a smaller room or a tight corner then you can always invest in smaller cues.

Room Size Guide:

6ft Table – 15ft x 12ft or 457cm x 366cm

7ft Table – 16ft x 13ft or 488cm x 396cm

8ft Table – 17ft x 13ft or 518cm x 396cm

Supreme Winner Pool Tables – Models and Pricing

I must point out that this section is written based on pricing and models currently stocked or available. Other models or finishes may be available as a custom option or an exclusive.

The two regularly stocked models are now the Black Pearl finish and the Walnut finish pool tables, all other tables listed on Billiards Boutique are currently made to order in the factory in the North of England. The current delivery time for these made-to-order tables is 4-5 weeks, with the Black Pearl and Walnut being available generally within a week.

Model (Table Finish) List:

  • Black Pearl
  • White Pearl
  • White
  • Walnut
  • Beech
  • Artwood
  • Aluminium
  • Amberwood
  • Driftwood
  • Plywood
  • Black Marble High Gloss

Pricing – A Guide

The price of the tables start at £759.00 with free delivery to most of mainland UK (as far north as Glasgow/Edinburgh). This is for the basic 6ft freeplay or domestic use model in Black Pearl, White Pearl, White or Walnut. All other models cost an additional supplement as do 7ft and 8ft versions.

In addition there are also add-ons for commercial versions which are available in both mechanical and electronic coin-operated versions.

The delivery is generally to curbside only and installation (although very easy to do with two strong people) is always charged extra.

Supreme Winner Pool Tables – Summary

The Supreme Winner is loved by the professional players due to its consistent performance and pocket cut. You can get this same playability in your home for a very reasonable price and the number of models and finishes available coupled with the choice of cloth colour make it a very flexible item to purchase to suit any home environment. Three table sizes offer even greater flexibility when choosing a pool table as even small rooms should be able to cope with a Supreme Winner Pool Table.

To see the tables in individual detail at Billiards Boutique follow this link: Supreme Winner Pool Tables

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