Billiards Boutique’s Top 10 Visitor Countries in 2013

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Continuing from two previous posts that I wrote earlier this week today I am going to wrap up my series of posts on our web stats from 2013 – hope you have found them interesting thus far!

In a moment you will see some data pulled from our Google Analytics showing visitor numbers ranked by country of origin. Being based in the UK means that the vast majority of our web traffic comes from here but it is always interesting to see what exotic locations visit us, and lets be fair the weather in any other place id probably far better!

Top 10 Visitor Countries in 2013:

  1. United Kingdom – 62.5% (overall percentage of our traffic)
  2. United States – 5%
  3. Australia – 2%
  4. Ireland – 2%
  5. Canada – 2%
  6. India – 2%
  7. France – 1%
  8. Germany – 1%
  9. Singapore  – 1%
  10. Spain – 1%

There are some very big pool and snooker playing countries on that list with a wealth of talent so it is probably unsurprising to see them here.

That wraps up the quick look at some of our traffic from last year and now we can concentrate on the future. If you missed the first two parts of the series they can be found here: Part 1 | Part 2.

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