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Billiards Boutique are looking for wannabe or established writers to write exceptional pieces of original content for this blog.

We are looking for quality writers that have experience of the pool and snooker industry, tournaments and products.

The style must be informative but light and each published piece would be in the 800-1200 word range.

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Have What it Takes?

If you think you have the right kind of writing skills, are passionate about both your writing and cue sports then please get in touch with us today.

Simply send us a short sample piece of your work with your name and contact details and your expected payment per piece to sales@billiardsboutique.com.

The sample piece that you send to us will not be published. It will be used solely to give us a flavour of your writing style and see if you would be a good fit for our audience.

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James - April 11, 2018


I’d like to write an article for billiardsboutique.com.

Who is the right person to chat to about this?


Sam - March 30, 2018


I loved your site and would like to contribute a well written article that your readers will love.

Would you be keen for this?



Nick Kenny - August 13, 2016

Quarter final preview (Friday 8th Jan)

Darren Horsman v John Gaydon

Darren dominated arguably the easiest Group from the off with some consistant break building and outstanding long potting, John did well to come out of difficult group and showed his metal in the last game decider versus Mitch Wood, and will certainly prove to be Darren’s sternest test so far in the tournament.
Expect a tight contest that could be decided by who has the tightest safety game and patience on the difficult Lets Go Superbowl table. HIGHEST COMP breaks to date. Darren 75 John 55.

Gary Tubbs v Kev Fishleigh

A match for the ages this one. Two of the best performers in North Devon over the past three decades. Gary has bludgeoned all before him thus far topping the Breakmasters list with the only two 90+ breaks made. The only two matches Kev lost in the Group of Death were to Paul Standen so comes into this match in great form. Could easily be the tie of the comp so far. Expect some big breaks and I for one expect this to go the distance. HIGHEST Comp breaks to date Gary 97 Kev 77

Lee Halling v Ross Toleman

The normally extrovert Halling has gone about his business quietly and efficiently and topped a tough Group C with plenty to spare. Ross will need to up his breaks count to stay with his opponent and provide a shock. HIGHEST COMP breaks to date Lee 74 Ross 33.

Paul Standen v James Middlemass

Paul remained unbeaten in the hardest group with a string of breaks and solid safety that proved too much for his opponents. Consistanly winning on his travels as well. James has been a team mate of Paul’s for over a decade and has the knowledge of the Fortescue table as its his home base also. Only two matches he lost in the group were to Gary Tubbs so will be going into this match in fine fettle. If anyone can beat “The Iceman” it could just be the man known in some quarters as “Betamax!” HIGHEST COMP breaks to date Paul 83 James 78

Nick Kenny - August 11, 2016

Sample from write ups I did for a compete organised I north Devon last year

In the 1980s a well known brand of lager through clever marketing encouraged us to follow its iconic bear, now its equally iconic 2015 incarnate Gary Tubbs is emploring us to follow him up the Breakmasters charts after a superb opening frame 95 in his 5-2 victory over James Middlemass. The break could have been much much more and only a missed 3rd to last red denied Gary the chance of a possible 146 total clearance, in a display of consummate break building that also included visits of 52, 36, 30, 25 and 22 twice. The victory cements his place at the top of group B. Also in group B Adrian Goodgroves recovered after a defeat in week 1 to overpower team mate Phil Hall 6-1 with help of breaks of 47, 32 and two visits of 25.

Group A is certainly in the hands of Darren Horsman who had runs of 75, 38, 30 and 22 in a 6-1 victory over Rob Ware. A more closely fought 4-3 victory for Simon Donnelly over Ross Toleman leaves the second spot well and truly up for grabs and this place could very well go down to the last round of fixtures in 4 matches time.

Group C is proving to be tighter than one of Ted Tuckermans fishing lines on a high tide in April ( little nostalgic Westward one there for those old enough to remember) after John Gaydon recovered from 3-1 down to stun Lee Halling by taking the last three frames with powerful runs of 55, 48, 39, 25, 22 and 21 to beat one of the pre tournament favourites 4-3 at Kingsley club Westward ho! This coupled with Mitch Woods 5-2 victory over Lee Barker means only a point separates all the 4 combatants in this group and never before has the term “Goin down ta the wire!” been used more appropriately.

The only whitewash of the week came in group D and belonged to Paul Standen who picked apart co-administrator Nick Kenny 7-0 in a match of fluctuating quality of which Paul’s 83 break was the highlight together with the 35 clearance in the first frame when Nicks 49 break meant Paul required two snookers plus the clearance to win which he duly got. Kevin Fishleigh’s second 5-2 victory this time over Shez Tetley puts the seasoned veteran firmly in command at the top of the group helped by breaks of 47 and 35.


Group A

Darren Horsman 6 (75, 38, 30, 22) Rob Ware 1
Ross Toleman 3 (22) Simon Donnelly 4

Group B

Gary Tubbs 5 (95, 52, 36, 30, 25, 22, 22) James Middlemass 2 (47)
Adrian Goodgroves 6 (47, 32, 25, 25) Phil Hall 1 (35)

Group C

John Gaydon 4 (55, 48, 39, 25, 22, 21) L Halling 3 (38, 36, 28, 25)
Mitch Wood 5 (23, 21) L Barker 2 (38, 28, 24, 23)

Group D

Nick Kenny 0 (49) Paul Standen 7 (83, 35, 25)
Shez Tetley 2 (22, 21) Kevin Fishleigh 5 (47, 35)

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