An English Pool Practice Drill for Your Weekend

June 10, 2016 16:24

14 Ball Practice Drill

I bet you didn't know but the European Football Championships starts tonight. This means that you may opponents down your local club difficult to come across, especially if you are not really a football fan yourself.

But that is OK, this practice drill that I posted to our social networks yesterday will have you covered!

The 14 Ball Drill (Couldn't think of a funky name!)

As you can see for this drill you need 14 object balls lined up as in the picture. You can easily do this with spots and stripes balls as well if that is what you have.

The object of the drill is to pot all of the balls in 14 shots without missing, but there are a few rules as detailed below.

The Rules:

  • Start with cue ball in hand inside the two lines of balls
  • You must play alternate colours
  • You cannot hit another ball
  • You cannot hit a cushion with the cue ball
  • You can only use the four corner pockets
  • If you break any of these rules or miss a pot you start again

This is a nice little drill to practice your soft touch shots as all it really needs is stun and gentle screw to keep your run going.

Let us know how you get on in the comments below.

Have a great weekend!