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Kamui Original 14mm American Pool Cue Tip

Kamui Original 14mm American Pool Cue Tips manufactured from specially treated layered pigskin leather and available as a Super Soft, Soft or Medium density. Kamui Original pool cue tips maintain their elasticity and the layered nature of the tip helps to reduce mushrooming meaning that you can be confident when cueing that you are less likely to miscue.

Kamui tips, available in a range of hardness grades, are manufactured in Japan from ten layers of high quality pig-skin leather. Their innovative manufacturing process compresses these layers together, creating a tip that is humidity resistant, maintaining its elasticity and durability in all environments. This leads to less mushrooming, making it one of the most consistent cue tips on the market. This process also means the tip maintains high porosity in the pig skin that allows for better grip between tip and chalk, which in turn maintains better contact with the ball.

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