Grand Cue Tips, Molinari Cue Chalk & Cuetec Bowtie Accessory Kit

by Billiards Boutique
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This great value kit is made up one Black Heart cue tip, 6 pack of Molinari cue chalk and Cuetec Bowtie tool. Grand cue tips are made of pressed leather and come in 3 grades; they are said to be similar to Elkmaster tips in their playability but much more consistent. This chalk is of the finest quality and will not cake or flake and offers a smooth coating of your cue tip time after time. For the first time you have chalk in a cylindrical shape, the same shape as your cue tip making it easier to coat the tip than ever before. The Cuetec Bowtie is one of the smartest looking tip tools available on the market, featuring three functions to perform different maintenance work on your cue tip.

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