Blue Diamond Cue Tips & 6-in-1 Tip Master Tool Accessory Pack

by Brunswick
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This great value tip tool pack is made up 5 Blue Diamond cue tips and the 6 in 1 Tip Master tool. The tips are made from a specially selected and treated leather and then infused with chalk. This makes for a very reliable tip time after time. Blue Diamond tips are slightly harder than Elkmaster tips so need more cue ball control from the player. The Tip Master 6-in-1 Tip Tool is an awesome piece of kit, it offers everything you need when playing your game to make running repairs to a jaded cue tip. Quite a weighty and robust tool that will fit easily into a cue case. Made of heavy duty plastic and steel. It features a tip burnisher to prevent mushrooming, a scuffer to loosen the fibres for better chalk retention, a shaper, and a tip pik and tip tapper to ease chalk retention.
The cue tips are available in your choice of 9mm, 10mm and 11mm.

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