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7 Piece Blue Diamond Gift Hamper

Grab our great Blue Diamond Hamper for your loved one; this pack of 7 of our best selling items comes in a fantastic prepacked gift box for just £55.97. This set comes with a box of 50 Blue Diamond cue tips in your choice of 9mm or 10mm.
Complete box of cue tips A complete box of cue tips in your choice of diametre and/or grade.
Triangle Chalk - 12 Pack Widely considered to be the most prestigious chalk, Triangle has a 75 year reputation around the world for producing high quality products, and is the most popular chalk on the market. This green Triangle chalk is used by most professional snooker and English pool players and will smoothly and evenly coat your cue tip, giving you a more secure feeling when attempting critical shots. Triangle chalk will not cake or flake like inferior chalks.
Bison Super Glue Gel This super glue gel is ideal for sticking on snooker or pool cue tips. It is a special non-drip formula and will dry super strong and fast. It is best to use a gel based super glue as it allows a bit of movement to get the tip in the right place before allowing to dry.
Peradon Tip Mate The Tip Mate is a 3-in-1 cue tip tool along similar lines to the Cuetec Bowtie. The tool has a concave bottom with a medium grade glass paper interior to allow you to scuff your cue tip. The other end is flatter and has metal ridges that mean you can shape your cue tip to the perfect dome. Screw off the end and inside your Tip Mate has tiny spikes to pick at a jaded cue tip and allow it to hold more chalk.
Cue Shaft Slicker The cue slicker effectively removes dirt and oil from your cue shaft. The simple to use design features an abrasive pad inside a canvas-like tube, which is placed around the shaft. With some light rubbing your cue will be smooth and clean.
Leather Magnetic Chalk Holder This chalk holder features a metal clip and a hook on one side that can go over a belt or pocket. The holder is supplied with a piece of Triangle chalk.
Sil Kleen Liquid Shaft Cleaner Sil Kleen seals wood pores from moisture, hand oils, dirt and chalk residue. The fast-drying formula wipes away dirt and smudges and does not leave a waxy build up. It is safe for use on finished or unfinished woods, linen wraps, inlay materials and fibreglass and graphite cues.

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