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Improve Your Snooker


Improve Your Snooker with this handy Resources Guide

Now, it is without doubt that the majority of our customers are not professional snooker players, some are very good quality amateurs that are regularly knocking in century breaks, but I would guess that the vast majority are lovers of the game and struggling to get beyond the 40 point mark (you can always have you say by responding to this post).

Well, I have scoured the web to try and find a number of resources which I think can help you improve your game and get your highest break up by whatever target you set yourself.

A number of these resources could be also be applied to the game of pool as there are often similarities in the fundamentals required.


Online Coaching


More and more people have access to a table at home and this also means having access to the Internet at the same time there are now some very good online coaching resources available online that you can tap into when you need to.

1. Snooker Guide

This is a video guide to snooker and looks at all aspects of the game from the basic fundamentals through to advanced techniques like break building and safety play. The videos feature young Welsh Professional Daniel Wells and were recorded at the Snooker Academy in Sheffield. The videos are clear and are shot in a very professional manner. There are around 50 minutes of high quality video and numerous technique articles. The only downside to this resource is that it has to be paid for by subscription. Currently lifetime membership to the website is £19.95.

2. Snooker Success (YouTube Channel)

Love it or hate it YouTube is becoming the go-to destination on the web for all things video. There is no wonder that the website is now the second largest search engine in the world. I came across the Snooker Success channel the other day, so far there are only 5 videos in the account and all deal with the very basic fundamentals of grip, stance, bridge and cue action. The videos are professionally shot and Snooker Success is owned and operated by Lead Coach Andrew Green, in the videos he comes across as personable and knowing his stuff. He has recently become a World Snooker coach. Find out more at his website.

3. NeilMaxMan (YouTube Channel)

Another YouTube channel this one has a lot more content and in total over 1.5 million video views! I know nothing about the man behind the channel but can say that the video quality is lacking, but this is made up by the fact that the guy really does know his stuff!

4. The Snooker Gym

A company that is run by former professional Nic Barrow and is marketed as the World Exclusive Coaching Partner of the IBSF (International Billiards and Snooker Federation - run the amateur game worldwide). There is a handbook available and a number of coaching videos plus a membership site. A lot of the content is paid for and prices vary so check it out yourself. All I will say is that he is highly regarded as a coach.


Articles and Forums


5. FCSnooker

Frank Callan snooker is based up in Preston on the website are a number of very well written and indepth articles on how to improve your snooker, many include diagrams to make it easier for you to grasp.

6. The Snooker Forum

A very active online forum and discussion board for all aspects of snooker. A lot of the professional events are discussed as well as equipment and other facets of the game. The link though is to the Coaching Questions thread where you can join up (for free) and post your questions for other players and users to try and answer. Collective knowledge is the way this site works and most on the boards are very friendly and helpful.

7. Terry Griffiths Snooker

If you play snooker, watch snooker or have followed snooker over the last 35 years then you will know Terry Griffiths, a BBC Sport Commentator and Pundit a professional coach and the 1979 World Snooker Champion. This liakble Welshman really knows his stuff and his website is packed with useful information through the forum and other articles plus there is the opportunity to have coaching from Terry himself.

8. Billiards Boutique & Blog

It wouldn't be fair to mention all these other resources without mentioning my own website! There are a host of articles and guides on Billiards Boutique both in terms of coaching technique and equipment. Have a browse and see what you can find.

If you know of any great resources that I have missed then please feel free to drop me an email on and I will see if I can add them over time to this article, if you enjoyed the article please share it with your friends on Facebook, Twitter and more.

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