DPT Windsor Pool Dining Table - All Finishes

by DPT

The Windsor Pool Dining Table from DPT with free UK Delivery (worth £120) and a free accessory pack (worth £75) has a very simple design that both looks elegant and will also suit a modern family home. It is available in 6ft and 7ft versions.

The Windsor has a precision ground single piece slate bed that is given further rigidity through the birch plywood 36mm slate support box, found only on DPT Pool Diners.

DPT Windsor Pool Dining Tables are designed for English pool and the pockets are cut to accept the 2" (51mm) balls regularly found on this type of table. The standard set of balls is a red-yellow set with the smaller cue ball. All the balls on this pool table will return to the same end using the internal ball return system.

High quality rubbers and professionally cut pockets mean it is suitable for league and tournament play if desired.

The Windsor Pool Diner is made from MDF and then overlaid in a choice of five different solid wood veneer finishes. It is supplied with a matching two piece dining top or for an additional charge a glass dining top is available.

Will It Fit? Check out our Room Size Guide.

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