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Molinari™ Cues and accessories were born through a need for a technological approach to the Carom game. Molinari cues use Predator® Cue technology that give players a huge advantage by reducing the amount of deflection on the cue ball when playing with spin.

In Carom this is even more important than pool as the balls are 30% heavier than a pool ball.

Carom and Pool cues although very similar in appearance differ significantly for their intended use. Inner ad outer dimensions are re-engineered to achieve the balance point preferred by carom players.

In addition to the Molinari range of Carom cues the brand also now produces 4 pool cues, a host of cue cases and Molinari specific cue accessories.

Molinari Products are now exclusively available from Billiards Boutique in the UK.

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