Jump/Break Cues - Buffalo Jump/Break Cue - Black

Buffalo Jump/Break Cue - Black


Stylish and impressive jump/break cue, with a combined 'Black Max' 13mm tip and ferrule for increased hardness, ideal for this type of cue. The joi...

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About Specialist Jump & Break Cues

Jump Cues and Break Cues are specialist pool cues generally built for the American Pool market. In games like 9-ball and 10-ball it is legal for you to Jump the ball over an object ball if snookered. A Jump cue makes this easier by being much shorter and lighter than a playing cue and it will also have a harder tip than you are used to playing with.

The break is one of the most important shots in the majority of pool games so having a Break Cue can really give you the edge over the opposition. The harder and larger tip will give you a larger contact area on the cue ball minimising unwanted side spin and providing more power to your break.

We supply jump and break cues by the leading manufacturer, Predator cues, as well as some more affordable brands.

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