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Snooker and Pool Cue Chalk

Good quality snooker cue chalk can mean the difference between winning and losing; that layer of chalk dusted over your leather cue tip helps eliminate miscues and grips the cue ball allowing more spin to get around those angles. Say goodbye to miscues with our great selection of cue chalk, from the economic Pioneer chalk to the more exclusive Molinari.

Chalk Etiquette - Generally you should purchase chalk that matches the cloth colour you intend to play on, don't say you were not warned when the local pub landlord bans you from the pub because you have used your lovely black chalk on his brand new green cloth - just saying. Likewise don't become the phantom chalk stealer like my mate Lee, every player should be allowed his own chalk that is his for his cue only, don't go thinking just because it is on a table that it is fair game to put in your cue case. 

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