What Tip Should I Use on my Break Cue?

June 24, 2016 20:06 2 Comments

Taom Break Cue Tips When you play pool, no matter how good a potter you are, quite often your ability to go further into a tournament or win more league matches will be determined by the break shot.

It is probably the most important shot in any frame or rack, this is regardless of whether you play English 8-Ball or 9-Ball.

How Can You Improve Your Break?

There are a number of things that you can do technique wise in order to improve the break shot. However, the purpose of this article is more about the equipment so I will come back to technique in a later article.

What I am really getting at here is that the choice of tip you have on your cue will have a huge influence on how you break the balls open.

There are of course many of you that will play with just one cue so you will have to choose wisely and maybe even opt for a 'best of both worlds' type scenario in order to improve your break.

How Does the Tip Affect the Break?

The break is the one time in every frame or rack where you really are putting more energy into the tip of the cue.

You push this energy through the cue in order to split open a pack of 15 balls.

If you have a soft cue tip on your cue then the tip will soak up a lot of the energy on contact with the cue ball, this is great for control of the white ball but not so great in terms of raw power.

When you put a harder tip on your cue the power is not dissipated into the tip on contact and carries on through to the split of the pack.

The move to dedicated cues and tips has meant that some of the top professionals have in fact been able to break softer and get a much more controlled break but with the same split.

What Tips are on offer?

Talisman Water Buffalo Hard

Made from a specially treated Water Buffalo hide these layered tips come in a pack of three. They are designed as a playing cue tip but the hard density tip may be a great alternative for those just using the one cue. 

They hold their shape well if the sides are burnished correctly and the surface of the tip adheres to chalk very nicely.

Talisman Pro Hard or Extra Hard

Over the years I have had numerous customers that live by these cue tips but we mainly sell the soft or medium varieties for use on a playing cue.

Again, the hard or even extra hard models would be a great choice for a break cue or a multi-purpose cue in English pool.

Elk-Pro Hard

Very new product to the market and again built mainly as a playing cue tip, but it could be employed very well as a break cue tip for English pool where you still want some feel and control.

Not actually available in anything larger than 11mm though so that counts out the American pool cue market.

Taom Break Cue Tips (pictured)

Out of this selection of tips the Taom is both the newest to our range and also the only tip dedicated to use on a break (or jump) cue.

They are manufactured from dozens of organic compounds mixed with elastomers. This gives the tip huge integrity and stability. Available in six colours they also look fantastic!


Any harder tip is going to help improve your break, coupled with the correct technique. If you really want to do some damage then the Taom is the only one specifically designed for the break shot.

Which tips have you tried? Which tips do you break with? Let me know in the comments section below.

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