Van Boening Among Favourites as US Open 9-Ball Kicks Off

Van Boening Among Favourites as US Open 9-Ball Kicks Off

Shane van Boening at the Mosconi Cup

Shane van Boening will once again be amongst the favourites as the top pool players in the world head to Virginia for the 42nd US Open 9-Ball Championships.

Undoubtedly the best player the US currently has to offer won his 5th US Open title last year and the winner-breaks double elimination format really suits his style of play.

He faces what could be a tricky winners side match against Nick van den Berg to start his defence.

139 players have entered this years event meaning there are a whole host of byes in the first round. Even with the byes there is still a lot of quality with the pick of the first round being a sweet match up between two Mosconi Cup legends in Ralf Souquet and Earl Strickland.

With the majority of the action starting in the 1st round of the winners side the UK contingent will always be players to watch. The UK players are listed below:

  • Benji Buckley v Sanchez-Ruiz
  • Imran Majid v Al Shammari
  • Darren Appleton v Siekkinen
  • Daryl Peach v Alcano
  • Chris Melling v Wong
  • Jayson Shaw v Willis

The full draw can be viewed here

Darren Appleton has always loved this event having won in twice in the past and Jayson Shaw has been in red hot form over the last two seasons and will again be a name to watch towards the latter stages.

It is great to also see a lot of players travelling over from Asia for this event, it is without doubt the most prestigious event now held on US soil and with it comes both World Ranking and Mosconi Cup points.

The action starts at 10:30am US EST (3:30pm in the UK) and will be available live on Accu-stats pay-per-view for the duration of the 7 day event. 

Streaming available here.

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