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Taking a Break

I am currently taking a break from the office. (Above is a picture of a beach I visited yesterday).

Time away from work and the day-to-day is very important time. It is time to do very little, to think and spend quality time with loved ones.

This is something I have not really focused on over the last few years but need to get back to this.

For my sanity!

Taking a break from the table has always been a positive thing for me as well. I have found that if I take a few weeks (sometimes longer) away from the table that I come back refreshed.

Ability seemingly improves.


I think it is down to a few reasons.

Relaxation plays an important role in Cue Sports, when we play tense and uptight our performance drops as the game needs loose muscles and fluid action.

Just a few weeks away from the table can really help you lose Bad Habits, you could be snatching at the ball, not following through enough or slightly lifting the head. Time away can help you forget these and put you back on the right path to success.

Coming back refreshed gives you new eyes and perhaps even a new found Passion for the game. Maybe work stress had been getting into your weekly league matches and the game was becoming a frustration rather than a release. This short break can really help you to find that passion again. 

Only a short email [this was originally sent to our email subscribers] this week as I am now off to the pool for a swim and a few beers but please let me know your thoughts by replying in the comments.

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