Mosconi Cup 2016 - Team USA Ranking Update

Rodney Morris - USA

46-year-old US pool legend, Rodney Morris, leads the way as the latest ranking list for the Mosconi Cup were released last week.

The California born professional, a former US Open 9 Ball Champion, tops the list ahead of Oscar Dominguez after the recent West Coast Challenge and Mid-West 9-Ball Tour events.

The ranking series towards making the Mosconi Cup team has been expanded this season with 28 tournaments carrying valuable points.

After the last two tournaments, it means that there are still 16 events and therefore plenty to play for.

My understanding is that the top two players from the list will automatically make the Mosconi Cup team with the remaining players picked as wildcards by the tournament organisers.

Team USA Mosconi Cup Rankings after 12 Events

  1. Rodney Morris - 138
  2. Oscar Dominguez - 133
  3. Mike Dechaine - 114
  4. Skylar Woodward - 92
  5. Shaun Wilkie - 83
  6. Shane Van Boening - 80
  7. Hunter Lombardo - 71
  8. Shane McMinn - 56
  9. Corey Deuel - 50
  10. Rob Saez - 50

The next events on the calendar are the US Open 10-ball and US Open 8-Ball tournaments that take lace from the 20th-25th July in Las Vegas.

Shane Van Boening with his massive break will be heading into the 10-ball event as one of the favourites.

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