Latest Mosconi Cup Rankings: August 2016

Mosconi Cup 2016

The most recent Mosconi Cup rankings have now been updated for both team Europe and Team USA.

Team Europe

For European players there are 3 ways to qualify automatically for this seasons Mosconi Cup. A combined ranking list that Jayson Shaw still sits atop of, a European list that Mark Gray heads and then a World ranking list that after his World 9-Ball Championship victory Albin Ouschan now leads.

There are only three events left in the WPA World ranking list and these are this months China Open, the US Open and Kuwait Open.

What this means is that if Ouschan has a decent run in each then he will almost certainly be in the team come December,

European Qualification World List Top 5

1 Albin Ouschan                            80

2 Denis Grabe                                 40

3 Alexander Kazakis                      40

4 Jayson Shaw                                40

5 Mario He                                       27

European Qualification Combined List Top 5

1 Jayson Shaw                                172

2 Mark Gray                                    152

3 Niels Feijen                                   135

4 Ralf Souquet                                128

5 Nikos Ekonomopoulos              124

European Qualification Europe List Top 5

1 Mark Gray                                    152

2 Niels Feijen                                   135

3 Jayson Shaw                                132

4 Ralf Souquet                                115

5 Nikos Ekonomopoulos              111

With two wild card picks taking up the two remaining spots on the team Jayson Shaw is well positioned along with Mark Gray on a couple of the lists so should be expecting the call regardless of outcome in my opinion.

Team USA

After a fantastic run of results Shane Van Boening now tops the US Mosconi Cup ranking list after 15 of the 28 event series.

As per the European list three players qualify to the team automatically but in the case of Team USA it is the top three on the one list.

Team USA Ranking after 15 events

1. Shane VAN BOENING               217

2. Rodney MORRIS                       178

3. Oscar DOMINGUEZ                  161

4. Mike DECHAINE                        133

5. Skyler WOODWARD                  115

A lot can change over the next 3 months but Van Boening will certainly be a player that Team USA want amongst their ranks. He is the most consistent US performer on the world stage over the last 3-4 years and will be a huge asset when the Mosconi Cup takes place at the Alexandra Palace, London this December.

The three top players from the above list will again be joined by two wild card picks to complete Team USA for 2016.

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