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Introducing Atom Cues

Billiards Boutique have been selling quality pool and snooker equipment now for nearly 13 years. In that time we have sold products by many different brands and manufacturers. Some have survived others haven't.

However, in that time we have always looked to other companies and selling the items that they produce.

It had always been our intention to develop products of our own for different price points in our customer base. That first product range has now been released.

Atom Cues

Atom Cues are our first in-house brand and at the moment the line carries two 58" snooker cues. Both feature quality ash shafts with simulated hand spliced butt sections into hard wood and multi-stained butts with two eye catching designs. Topped with 9.5mm cue tips and supplied with a 6" mini extension as standard these truly are a great starter cue with good quality materials.

The Atom Cues Proton

Atom Cues Proton Snooker Cue

Features a 4 point Padauk stained style butt section. 3/4 Jointed snooker cue available in four weight options.

The Atom Cues Neutron

Atom Cues Neutron 3/4 Jointed Snooker Cue

Features a 4 point zebrano stained butt with lower splice of rosewood. 3/4 Jointed snooker cue available in four weight options.

Both cues are available now at the price of £69.95 until 31st August when the price will revert to the usual price of £79.95

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