Introducing Andy 988 Pool Table Cloth

Introducing Andy 988 Pool Table Cloth

When choosing products for Billiards Boutique I have always been very careful about the selections I make.

That is why at times you will not see certain well known brands on the store. I either don't rate them or think they are over priced for what they are.

Andy Cloth is a product that I do endorse and am very happy to be able to now offer it to our customers.

Andy Cloth: A Bit of History

Believe it or not the company have been around for 28 years and are both based and manufacture their cloth in Taiwan.

Generally feeding the vast Asian market it is now that they are trying to make headway into Europe.

Recently they have been announced as the official cloth sponsors of the GB 9 Ball Tour, using the Andy 988 Cloth that we sell on the store.

This cloth has been a top tournament cloth of choice at such events as the China Open, The World Games, The Women's World 9-Ball Championships and many Chinese 8 Ball events.

Quality and Durability

This is really a high quality worsted fabric that runs true, plays quickly and is also durable with a high wool content meaning burn spots are greatly reduced.

At the moment we are selling the 9ft Bed and Cushion pack designed for full size American Pool Tables. The cloth colour is Powder Blue which has featured in a lot of televised tournaments across the globe.

Unlike other high end cloths the price is also a lot lower at just £179 including UK courier delivery.

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Luis - August 22, 2018

My table is a 10ft..i need 1 felt..and how much

William Azuse - July 27, 2018

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