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Snooker Balls

I am completely fed up.

For a number of reasons I seem to have lost the passion for snooker and pool. Both as a spectator and as a participant.

I started the year, in this very newsletter, saying that one of my targets was to get my first 50 break.

I made it as high as 36, but I found life tends to get in the way.

Hours and hours of dedication are what these games need if you ever want to be any good. Or good enough to compete and feel good about your results. Sadly I don't have enough hours.

From a recreational point of view I am still happy to knock a few balls around on a pool table with my 13 year old son, and I still get a thrill when I win - I always win!

Even someone as 'naturally gifted' as Ronnie O'Sullivan has still spent thousands of hours on practice tables in order to perfect their art.

Some of you will remember that I am currently residing in Malaysia for a short while, I actually head back to the UK in September to prepare for the pre-Christmas enslaught.

Part of the problem of the loss of passion is probably due to not having found a suitable venue in which to play. Yes there are clubs, but over here there is no smoking ban and that is a huge turn off for me. I hate the smell and the headaches - anyone remember these?

Couple this with the fact that we can't get Eurosport (we can but it doesn't show the snooker) so where am I supposed to watch my snooker?

Yes, I can dabble watching a few clips on Facebook or YouTube but it isn't the same as being able to follow a tournament live. My live coverage is limited to following news feeds on the web so it is no wonder that something is lacking.

Please don't misinterpret, there are lots of positives about being over here. For one the temperature hasn't dropped below 25c since I arrived at the end of May. Oh and that is during the night!

Many of you are regular readers and some of you even write back from time-to-time, so once again I am asking for your help.

I want you to give me some inspiration, something that will get me back on track for the rest of the year, to become a player again, to enjoy playing the sport again.

Send me anything you think may help, it could be a funny story, or could be a video you found, it could be a website you like to visit or an article you read. Anything that you think might make me get my cues out again.

Thanks for reading, if you have any ideas, drop us an email!
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