Doc's Lounge, Crestwood Illinois

Finally Found Some Tables

If you read my newsletter last week you will remember I went on about taking a break, both from work and from the game in order to improve performance.

I gave a number of reasons as to why this was a good idea.

What I didn't say though was that the main reason I haven't been playing is because I had struggled to find decent quality american pool tables out here in Malaysia.

My family and I moved out to Malaysia back in May last year as my wife got a job out here in Borneo. Billiards Boutique I run remotely with the power of t'interweb thing and a couple of amazing staff back in the UK.

The other day quite serendipitously I came across a club I hadn't seen before.

Not through lack of trying I might add.

Malaysia is still a very much word of mouth type of place, or at least Borneo is, not many small businesses have websites and those that have a Facebook page rarely post anything. This means getting information has been tricky.

My new club - as it will now be called - has five 9ft American pool tables and three 12ft snooker tables. Exactly what I have been looking for.

I would have provided a picture but it was a rare time when I didn't have my phone!

Finally means I can get back to playing regularly on what looks like half decent equipment.


Yes, I am kind of moaning about not having had access to the game, however I am very lucky to be seeing a different culture and a different part of this amazing world which I fully recommend to anyone.

There are people of all races, religions and nationalities subscribed to this list showing just how inclusive the games of snooker and pool are.

Whilst the majority of you are in the UK there are pockets (no pun intended) of places that still don't have real access, clubs keep closing or the clubs that remain open do not look after equipment.

So, I thought it would be nice for you guys and girls to send me an email back with a picture of your local establishment.

Lets showcase those really good owners and clubs.

Lets see what playing facilities there are across the world.

If you send in a picture then I will post them in a follow up article next week. Just let me know where in the world the club is.

Follow Up

I was delighted that two of my regular readers took the time to follow up on this article and shout about their respective local clubs.

The first club was sent in by Tony Corkery and is the Coombe Social Club in Coventry with what looks like an immaculate table.

Coombe Social Club

Tony tells me it is a small CUI club with just a single snooker and pool table but both are very well looked after.

Second up was Bill Filipiak from Illinois, USA. His local club is called Doc's Lounge. His club is the feature image on this article.

I have to say it does look great and is a huge club that houses 13 Gold Crown IV 9ft pool tables and then a further 30 Valley 7ft Barbox tables.

If you want to feature your local club and get us to give them a shout out then please send an image with a few details to

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