Europe Take Commanding Lead into Day 3 of the Mosconi Cup

Europe Take Commanding Lead into Day 3 of the Mosconi Cup

Mosconi Cup 2017

In what was an incredible nights action, and much different to what I thought would happen, Europe ended day two of this years Mosconi Cup leading Team USA 8-2.

Two consecutive 4-1 scorelines have meant the home team are now in serious trouble, not only in the match but also from forcing it into a fourth day of play.

Europe head into tonight's matches knowing they only need three more points to lift an eighth successive Mosconi Cup. USA on the other hand need a minimum of three tonight to force it into a fourth and final day.

The lead looks completely unassailable for USA to claw back so in reality they could already be playing to make the scoreline more respectable.

Last year they lost on European turf 11-3 and will not want a repeat in front of a patriotic home crowd.

What was also interesting about last nights action is how one sided 3 of the 5 matches were. Only Dennis Hatch and Billy Thorpe managed to get a point on the board in a 5-4 thriller in the opening game of the night.

The only other American to put up some resistance was Oscar Dominguez who lost 5-3 to veteran Ralf Souquet. Other than a missed eight ball at 3-2 up and Dominguez could have kept up some US momentum but from then on it was all Europe.

The next three matches saw the USA win only 2 racks.

Mosconi Cup 2017 Day Two Results 

Hatch & Thorpe 5-4 Van den Berg & Alcaide

Oscar Dominguez 3-5 Ralf Souquet

Van Boening & Woodward 1-5 Filler & Shaw

Skyler Woodward 1-5 David Alcaide

Van Boening & Thorpe 0-5 Van den Berg & Filler

Play continues tonight from 7pm lets hope for the fans sake that Team USA can stage something of a comeback to take it into day 4!

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