Europe on the Brink of 8th Successive Mosconi Cup

Europe on the Brink of 8th Successive Mosconi Cup

Ralf Souquet lifted by David Alcaide, image courtesy Matchroom Multi sport.

What a session!

Last night a packed Mosconi Cup crowd were treated to not only some quality pool but also an undercurrent of continental pride as Europe put themselves on the brink of an eighth successive Mosconi Cup.

In an evening that ended up being cut short in order to take it into a final day Team USA rallied to take the first two points of the night and restore a little bit of pride to the scoreline.

In contrast to day two where Europe pretty much annihilated the opposition day three was far more tense and featured much closer matches that could have potentially swung either way.

Oscar Dominguez, who made a disgusting comment to team mate Hatch, and Dennis Hatch gave Team USA a great start to the night with a 5-4 win over Jayson Shaw and Ralf Souquet.

This was followed up with a very nervy encounter between rookie Billy Thorpe and Nick Van den Berg. The Dutchman making a glaring error on a 7 ball with ball in hand showing that the pressure really can get the better of the players in the cauldron of the Mosconi Cup. Thorpe held it together at hill-hill to take Team USA's second point of the night and make the match 8-4.

What could have been a huge amount of momentum for the US team came to a sudden stop in match number three as Ralf Souquet and David Alcaide won a much more one-sided affair over Woodward and Dominguez.

Fireworks as Shaw Comes Back to Beat Van Boening

Then enter Shane van Boening and Jayson Shaw, arguably two of the best players in the world right now. Shaw is never one to shy away from conflict and being 4-2 down a comment from American Dennis Hatch in the crowd really riled the Scot.

He showed a massive amount of determination to come back and win the match 5-4 and then the emotion flowed with a huge reaction aimed towards Hatch which included throwing his cue to the ground.

When Shaw scratched on an earlier ball Dennis Hatch is alleged to have been "clapping, shouting 'good shot', so that's why I acted like that just to get back at him - that's very unsportsmanlike."

Shaw's victory puts Europe on the hill. It could only need one match tonight for them to be victorious yet again.

Mosconi Cup 2017 Day Three Results

Dominguez & Hatch 5-4 Souquet & Shaw

Billy Thorpe 5-4 Nick Van den Berg

Woodward & Dominguez 2-5 Alcaide & Souquet

Shane Van Boening 4-5 Jayson Shaw

Europe lead 10-4 heading into the final day.

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