Europe Make it 8 in a Row at the Mosconi Cup

Europe Make it 8 in a Row at the Mosconi Cup

Marcus Chamat lifts the Mosconi Cup

Team Europe continued their dominance of the Mosconi Cup with an incredible 11-4 victory at The Mandalay Bay in Las Vegas.

Marcus Chamat, European Captain, lifted the trophy along with his players as they celebrated an eight successive title. 

US hopes were left in tetters after the first two days of play where Europe raced into an 8-2 lead. Day three saw The home side pick up 2 points which was enough to force it into a final day.

The final days play was readily poised and would have been singles action throughout.

The first match was all that Europe needed though as 20-year-old German, Joshua Filler, held his nerve to beat Dennis Hatch 5-3 to give Europe the one point required for victory.

Filler, playing in his first ever Mosconi Cup wowed the fans throughout with some tremendous skill and unrivaled confidence under pressure and the win actually earned the title of MVP at this years event.

What Now For Team USA?

It was supposed to be a much more positive year for the American side as they installed Johan Ruijdink as captain and fielded a much changed and fresher side. However, under the pressure they were just never enough for the European players.

The strength in depth seems to have disappeared from the US game in recent years, and one reason could be a lack of a structured men's professional tour.

There are pockets of regional tours and also a number of high profile events but there is no definitive tour.

If you add to this the "European Invasion" by the likes of Darren Appleton, Mika Immonen and more recently Jayson Shaw, it is European players that are mopping up at a lot of these major events with not much fight amongst the US player base.

Even the Darren Appleton promoted World Pool Series saw a lot of European players take centre stage. Klenti Kaci of Albania is another young European, at just 18 years old, who has been doing wonders on the world stage. When the talent in Europe is so strong it seems very difficult for US players to break through.

Other than Shane van Boening, who is always a player to beat in major tournaments, there really isn't much "World level" talent from the other side of the pond.

Without a structured tour it is maybe more difficult for home based players to break through. The top European's all benefit from sponsorship deals so can afford the high entry fee's. These would put many young aspiring players off.

A more affordable and regular national tour may help some of the younger players in the USA to make that step.

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