Cyclop Billiard Balls Available Soon

Cyclop Professional Tournament Pool BallsMany of you won't have heard of Cyclop Billiard Balls but they have been making huge strides in Asia as the ball of choice in many professional events. 

Cyclop have spent years developing the perfect material for use in billiard ball construction. This resin is made of a super strong, wear and heat resistant material. The material gives a stronger and smoother surface shine that allows the balls to maintain their polished look for longer.

Each individual ball goes through a 13 step process that takes 23 days to complete meaning the sets are more balanced and undergo more tolerance levels than other ball sets on the market.

Billiards Boutique are going to be one of the first retailer in the UK to stock Cyclop balls. Later this week we will have the Tournament Edition American Pool Balls, Snooker Balls and UK 8 Ball Pool Balls available from stock all with free delivery,

If you want an alternative ball set that not only plays great but also looks fantastic then Cyclop Balls may be the option for you. 

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