IPA World Professional Pool Championships - Final [Video]

The IPA World Professional Pool Championships were held in Bradford at the beginning of February and after an intense few days of competition it was Craig Marsh of Wales who met Gareth Hibbott of England in the men's final.

Both players are ranked professionals on the IPA Tour and came through some very tough matches to reach the final. You can watch the entire match below.

It has taken a few seasons to implement the changes but the IPA Tour is the most forward thinking small-ball pool tour we have ever seen in the UK.

Finally they are opening up to other territories with the introduction of the Simonis World Series. If the small-ball game is ever going to develop beyond the UK the other talented nations that play the game are going to have to have some involvement, the World Series is the first step.

From a personal point of view I would love to see the tour having a more fluid structure so that tournaments within other nations could also carry ranking points towards the IPA total moving it more towards a global tour.

This would then really set the game up for a positive future with sponsors being interested in what could be a much larger sport. I think this whole thing may need a longer opinion piece in future though! 

Enjoy the video.

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