How Do You Mark Your Snooker Table?

Snooker table set up for play

Recently I have had a couple of customers ask the question of how to mark your snooker table, and to be more exact on these queries, how to mark the 'D'.

I am personally not a table fitter, I have fitted the odd pool table but always leave it up to professionals when it comes to snooker tables as they are a completely different beast!

There are of course some of you out there though that are much more handy and prepared in this area than me and like to have a go yourself.

Rather than me regurgitate excellent information that is already on the web I thought I would link to an excellent article that explains how to mark a snooker table. The article is on the F G Bradleys website, they are a table company based in Canada but offer a very easy to read guide on how to mark your snooker table, as well as a downloadable PDF to give you the exact measurements needed for varying table sizes.

Click through and read right here. The PDF with the measurements is about halfway down the page.

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