Billiards Boutique Top 10 Cities (by visitor number)

Big BenThis posts rounds off my series looking into the stats from 2015

In this particular post I take a look at the top 10 Visitor Cities to Billiards Boutique. This is of course based on our web stats and is calculated in terms of visits from that location.

Probably no surprise that our capital city, London is in 1st place. A vast population of people live in central London and the surrounding suburbs. What is surprising is that London accounted for nearly 17% of our web traffic in 2015. That is a lot!

England's second city, Birmingham takes second place. Another huge metropolitan centre that accounted for 1.6% of our traffic. A glaring difference between Birmingham and London in terms of the number of people making visits to our website from our two largest cities.

Scotland then pops up next on our radar with Edinburgh in 3rd place and Glasgow in 4th. Major metropolitan areas and cities are of course going to dominate this list as the more populated areas generate more customers for our website.

Next up are two northern power houses, representing Yorkshire is Leeds in 5th Place and from the other side of the pennines is Manchester in 6th, representing Lancashire. On this occasion it is the white rose that wins the battle.

The capital of the Republic of Ireland comes in at 7th position. Dublin is a truly amazing city that I have been lucky enough to visit. Pool and snooker are still a very popular game in Ireland and this is reflected in the amount of traffic we receive from the city.

8th place is Sheffield, followed very closely in 9th place by Newcastle Upon Tyne and then rounding out the top 10 is Bristol the only south west city on the list.

Dublin is of course the only city in our list that is outside of the United Kingdom but as an aside I thought I would show you a few more from across the globe. 14th Hong Kong, 17th New Delhi, 19th Sydney and 20th Melbourne

The lower you go down this list the traffic numbers do start to fall off with less than 1% of all traffic but it goes to show that snooker is still a global sport.

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