Billiards Boutique Top 10 Blog Posts of 2015

As I continue my one man crusade to share with you our most popular content from 2015 I today will be providing links to the top 10 most read blog posts of the last year.

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All of this content is exclusively written for Billiards Boutique and covers opinion pieces, instructional articles and buyers guides. The 10 articles below were our most read of 2015, so if you haven't had chance to read them yet them now is a great time.

10. Learn to Focus = Learn to Win

This article takes a look at some of the psychological aspects of playing pool or snooker and how training yourself to focus in certain situations can improve your game.

9. Keeping Your Cue in Tip Top Condition

If you look after your cue in the best possible way not only will it last a long time but will also help maintain your performance on the table.

8. Spin Your Way to Pool and Snooker Success

Spin is an integral part of any cue sport game but using this to their advantage is where the top players separate themselves from the amateurs.

7. Re-tipping Your Pool and Snooker Cue

Everyone needs to know how to do this, unless you happen to have a cue doctor nearby. This is the way I do it in store, if you have a lathe it is even easier!

6. Top 5 Christmas Gift Ideas for a Snooker Player

In a lot of cases people that use Billiards Boutique are not buying for themselves so guidance and help in terms of what to buy are a real must - especially in the lead up to Christmas.

5. Billiards Boutique Player Rep, Robin Cripps, Continues Excellent GB9 Form

Robin represented Billiards Boutique at all GB9 events last season and had some very good results in both the main events and the challenge division.

4. Buyers Guide to Peradon Snooker Cues

One of the best known snooker cue brands in the world but what are the real reasons you should buy a Peradon snooker cue? Find out in this article.

3. What is Chinese 8 Ball?

A very well written and researched article by Rich Wharton exclusively for Billiards Boutique. This game is growing all the time and has a lot of financial backing in China.

2. Improve Your Cue Action

Every player should want to get better and one of the best ways to do this is to improve your cue action, if you can improve technique then the overall game will get better.

1. Improve Your Cue Action: The Screw-shot (Draw or Backspin)

Our most read article of 2015 shows what the regular player feels they need to brush up on. This is a great piece that delves into the world of backspin.

Have an article that you have written that you would like our readers to see? Or have an idea for an article that we should write? Please let us know in the comments or via email.



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