Be Happy With Your Snooker Cue Purchase

Joe Davis snooker cue and case setOn social media sites like Facebook there are a number of groups that have popped up over the last few months where people can go on, and with some photos and a description, sell their second hand pool or snooker cues.

The idea itself is very sound, but what I don't like is a small minority of 'players' that think they are superior to everyone else going on these posts and basically doing what I like to call 'cue shaming'.

There are hundreds of cues on the market that will suit all types of tastes and all types of budget. They are made for that very reason as they offer a way into this great sport at a very reasonable budget. If there wasn't a market for cheaper cues then the manufacturers wouldn't be making them.

I think my main point here is to be happy with what you have purchased, there is no one-size-fits-all approach to buying a snooker cue. Look at Alan McManus, he was a two-time ranking event winner in the 90's and also won The Masters in 1994. He played with a cue that his mum had bought him from a sports shop that was a mass-produced machine made cue.

Don't be too influenced by what others think of the cue you are buying, the cue that feels right in your hand in terms of weight and balance, regardless of who it is made by or how much it cost, is the right cue for you. Don't let anyone else tell you otherwise.

To me we should be encouraging all-comers to try their hand at this game, we have seen the number of snooker clubs dwindle in the UK since the smoking ban, but if there is sufficient demand for the game at grassroots then there will be scope for some private clubs to do very well.

Lets encourage and not criticise!

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Alan Randall - January 26, 2016

Such a great piece. I have spent months looking at cues. I keep thinking that the more you spend, the better it should make you play. I know that’s not the case and you are right when you say its all about the feel. Money cant buy natural talent and an eye for the game. My brother in law has been down the club and played amazing games with a club cue. A guy in another league team has purchased a custom made Parris cue and is struggling. I don’t entertain the cue snobs.

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