Billiards Boutique Top 10 Selling Products in 2015

Cue Tip Accessory KitTop seller lists are all very well and good but often don't really set the world alight with high end aspirational products. This list is sadly no different.

Due to the types of items we sell, many of them are very expensive so the number of units we sell of the high end products is reflected in this.

On the other hand, items that pool and snooker players need all of the time feature all the way through this list of top 10 products.

In fact of the 10 items 7 of them are different types of cue tip. Unsurprising as they are relatively inexpensive and also regularly needed. Without them you simply would not be able to play.

So here is our 2015 top sellers list in reverse order:

10. Bison Super Glue Gel - You have bought some cue tips, so why not buy some glue to stick them on? Yep, that is why this product is on the list. Whenever doing a re-tip in store I always use this glue, I just find it much easier to work with.

9. Cannon Blue Velvet Cue Tips - The cheapest pressed leather glue on cue tips that we sell. The recipe and construction make these tips quite hard, they are supplied in a chalk compound but this is not really infused into the tips like other brands.

8. Screw-in cue tips - Thankfully all of the cues will sell don't feature screw-in cue tips, they are now reserved for cheap 'house' cues. Although perfect for a quick change the tips don't offer the quality needed for proper players. This is not to say they are a bad product, they serve a purpose and that purpose is for a cost effective and quick way of re-tipping pub or club cues.

7. Talisman Pro Layered Cue Tips - The first layered cue tip on the market that catered to the smaller English pool and snooker sizes. Talisman Pro tips are available in 9mm, 10mm, 11mm and 14mm sizes and also in four density grades meaning there is generally a suitable tip for everyone.

6. Buffalo Diamond Plus Cue Tips - Very similar to Brunswick Blue Diamond cue tips, Buffalo Diamond Plus seem to offer a bit more of a consistent medium grade tip across each box of 50. They are also a bit 'drier' with the infused chalk not causing as much excess residue. Interesting fact: We sell loads of them to Australia!

5. Triangle Chalk - Green - Even the packaging calls it the King of Chalk. Who are we to argue? Still used by many high ranking professional snooker players and pool players across the world. Coats cue tips smoothly and consistently. Hell even I use it!

4. Peradon Snooker Ball Position Marker - Inexpensive and very practical to keep in your cue case so you can easily mark and then clean a cue ball or object ball. Only made in snooker ball diametre at the moment.

3. Brunswick Blue Diamond Cue Tips - One of the most popular cue tips in the world, made in sizes from 9mm through to 13mm. Pressed leather cue tips that are infused with chalk.

2. Black Heart #1 Snooker Cue Tips - A bit of a surprise for me in this overall list as we only started selling them midway through last year. Very consistent, soft, layered pigskin cue tip designed for snooker. Available in 9mm, 10mm and 11mm. Very easy to shape and cut down if needed.

1. Elkmaster Cue Tips - I honestly am astounded as to how many of these tips we sell, they fly out of the door by the box it seems and as soon as we get a stash we seem to be running low again. Still used by a number of professional players across all cue sports and very inexpensive to buy a pack.

So, there is the 2015 top 10 best sellers list, completely uninteresting to anyone but me I am sure! But hey, stats have always interested me.

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