Billiards Boutique Top 10 Products in 2015 (by visitor number)

January 13, 2016 11:30

Rayleigh 12ft Snooker Table

This is the second post in the series I am writing in January to give you guys a small little peak behind the scenes at the website of Billiards Boutique, catch up on all of the posts here.

In this particular post I am looking at our top ten most visited products from 2015. I must add a caveat in that when we switched to the new web platform in May last year, although the data is still available, getting it to match is difficult so for this post it is about traffic from May 19th onwards.

Top 10 lists are awesome right? This one is not our top selling products though (although some of them may feature across lists), this list is solely about number of visitors to the product pages.

Top Ten Most Visited Products 2015 - Countdown

10. Jason Owen Snooker Cue 592 It actually wasn't this cue that was most visited but as each one we sell is a one off cue they tend to get removed from the website, the cue that was most viewed was number 576.

9. Peradon Zenith One Piece English Pool Cue This cue was only available from June last year and was one of two brand new one piece English pool cues added to the Peradon range. It has fast become a very good seller.

8. Cue Craft Buxton Snooker Cue Set Very good value snooker cue set from Cue Craft, although it is imported the cue still carries a great deal of quality for the price.

7. Strachan 6811 Tournament 30 The 6811 Tournament cloth (formerly known as Gold) is now available in three weights for some reason the middle weight gets viewed more.

6. Cannon Cobra Snooker or Pool Cue Great entry level cue from the Cannon range that has a stylish metallic butt section.

5. Buffalo Diamond Plus Cue Tips Very consistent pressed leather cue tips that are very similar to Blue Diamond. Popular in Australia for some reason.

4. Peradon Newbury Snooker Cue Since Peradon launched this high end snooker cue it has been a very popular product, the only cue in the range with the laminated Pro-Line shaft means snooker players of all types are visiting this product.

3. Peradon King Snooker Cue A timeless classic, I make no secret of the fact that this is one of my favourite all time Peradon snooker cues. A popular seller amongst our customers as well.

2. Peradon Personalised Cue Disc So many people want a way to personalise a gift for a loved one and this is currently the only way we offer it on Billiards Boutique. Will only fit a Peradon cue though.

1. Rayleigh 12ft Full Size Snooker Table I have a feeling this is really an aspirational visit to the website as we simply don't sell many of this product at all!

So, there it is, how many visits have you attributed this last year?

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