Bumper Year at Billiards Boutique

January 07, 2016 15:40 1 Comment

Billiards Boutique LogoOver the next few days I plan on posting a number of interesting stats and facts about Billiards Boutique from 2015. Well, at least interesting to me!

It was by far and away our busiest ever year and for the 10th successive year we have seen our business grow with web traffic, sales, visitor numbers and destination Countries.

It was also a year that saw major changes to the way we operated with the launch of the brand new website in May and additional growth through our sales on Amazon and eBay.

The website saw our biggest overhaul in 10 years of online selling, we moved platform for the first ever time. It did mean some upheaval, it did mean the loss of old customer data that couldn't be carried across and it did mean a huge change to the way the website is laid out.

However, with all that change it is important to note that the general consensus from you guys is that you like the new website as it is easy to navigate and very easy to checkout.

One of the other changes we made last year was from an operational point of view. Rather than use different courier firms for different cohorts of parcels we made the decision to move everything across to Parcelforce. This was a positive step, not only for UK customers who get tracking information via email or phone, but also for our customers in the Channel Islands, Belgium, Netherlands, Germany and Luxembourg who through excellent pricing from Parcelforce are now able to benefit from free shipping under certain circumstances. In 2016 we will be looking at ways in which we can grow this for most of mainland Europe.

October saw our 10th anniversary, something of which I am very proud. I started this small business back in 2005 from a very small shop in Weymouth and I find it amazing that 10 years later I am still doing what I love with a growing customer base and a lot of regular customers all over the world (big shout out to all the guys in Mo I Rana!)

So, what can you expect from this blog over the next few days?

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