7 Top Snooker Books to Buy this Christmas

A few new snooker related books have been released this year including the new autobiography by Steve Davis and another book by Jimmy White. So with it being gift giving time of year I thought it would be great to have a better look at the best snooker books currently on offer, if you have any comments on any books I may have missed or even if you have read any of them then please comment below.

What we have underneath are our top 10 snooker books of 2015, some of them were released before 2015 but still appear on Amazon's featured list and I have also taken out any coaching related books and opted for more gritty stuff about the players and the game. (Note: The links all go to Amazon product pages, if you purchase a book then we do get commission).

Interesting: My Autobiography by Steve Davis

This is the story of a British sporting legend, in his own words.

Steve Davis is the former 6-times World snooker champion that dominated snooker during the 1980's, an era which many regard to be snooker's high point.

After his professional playing career ended he has still maintained a high profile through his punditry work with the BBC, starring in I'm an Celebrity... and through numerous exhibitions throughout the UK. In fact I got to see him myself in 2013 in Weymouth and he was fantastic.

This book is his story in his own words. 

Jimmy White: Second Wind by Jimmy White

There is no doubt that amongst snooker circles Jimmy White is an absolutely legendary character both on and off the table.

Perhaps unfairly known as snooker's 'nearly man', White made it to 6 Crucible finals without ever lifting the trophy. The first left handed player to ever make a maximum break lifted 10 ranking events in a career that started in 1980.

For 'The Whirlwind' it was an undeniable talent that never perhaps reached it's full promise, read his story in his most recent autobiography.

Running: The Autobiography by Ronnie O'Sullivan

It wouldn't be right to have this recommended book list without the genius that is Ronnie O'Sullivan featuring in some sort of capacity.

One of the (if not the most) naturally gifted snooker players to ever grace the green baize 'The Rocket' is one of those players that people will go out of there way to watch. His style of snooker has been applauded and brought a freshness to the game, it is just a shame that with every genius there are always elements of the person that you could say are flawed.

Read Ronnie in his own words and really get to understand the man behind the fastest ever 147 in history.

Black Farce and Cue Ball Wizards by Clive Everton 

Clive Everton was the voice of snooker through the 90's and early 00's and is probably the number one journalist Internationally that covers snooker.

This book is Everton's warts and all opening into the world of snooker and the side of snooker that we very rarely see or read about. The book is carefully written and does not pull any punches when discussing the politics, fraud and in-fighting that goes on behind closed doors.

Masters of the Baize by Luke Williams and Paul Gadsby

Masters of the Baize is a book that takes focuses on the 20 players that have been good enough to lift the World snooker title since it started with humble beginnings back in 1927.

Each player is meticulously studied inside their own very well researched chapter. 

The book also attempts to answer the question of who is the greatest ever snooker player by delving into the criteria that you may choose to select this one player across all generations.

Willie Thorne - Taking a Punt on my Life

Willie Thorne was a top professional player in his time but never really made it to the very top, he became a well-loved BBC pundit and commentator once his playing career had ended.

This is his story of having everything in life only to nearly lose and end it all due to the affliction of gambling.

From the Eye of the Hurricane: My Story by Alex Higgins

Probably the first real 'bad-boy' of snooker but with a playing style that revolutionised the game. His attacking and unorthodox style earned him lots of fans and he lifted the World title on two occasions in 1972 and 1982.

It is another story of a man at the pinnacle of his game slowing losing it all due to alcohol abuse and frequent run-ins with tournament officials and even getting mixed up with gangsters.

This book is one heck of a read and eye opening as a story of both snooker and a fall and decline from fame and fortune.


Have anything to add? Please post it in the comments below.


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