5 Top Snooker Gifts Under £100.00

November 16, 2016 13:44

Halo Cue Case 3/4 Black and Red Vein

In this snooker gift guide I am taking a brief look at 5 top snooker products under £100. Ideal as a main present for your loved one these vary from cue and case packages, cue cases and ball sets to give some great gift ideas.

As with the previous guides the selection is drawn from my own experience and our sales history, they are also not offered in any particular order.

5 Top Snooker Gifts Under £100

1. Pictured above is one of the smartest looking 3/4 cue cases on the market. The Peradon Halo 3/4 Black and Red Vein cue case is a solid aluminium case with a detailed patterned overlay. Chrome catches hold the case closed and the two channel foam insert keeps your cue from rattling around. Will also be enough room for extensions. Price £69.97

2. If your partner has a table at home or plays regularly at a local club then having his/her own ball set will hugely improve their game. Club sets are often dirty and marked. The entry level set available from Belgian manufacturer Aramith is the Aramith Premier Snooker Ball set. Designed for use on full size tables (smaller sets are available) these phenolic balls will roll true and keep their shine for longer. Price £84.90

3. Cue and Case sets are one of our biggest sellers during the Christmas period and the first I am going to mention is the Cannon Sapphire Snooker Cue and Case set. This gives you the Cannon Sapphire 3/4 jointed snooker cue, a Peradon hard case and the Cannon extension for one low price. Price £89.90

4. The second cue and case set which is perfect as a Christmas gift is our Britannia Champion 3/4 Jointed Snooker Cue with Partridge and Oak Bundle. This has everything you need to get started. Price £99.00

5. If you want something that is pre-wrapped to save yourself some hassle then I recommend our 7 Piece Kamui Gift Hamper. This 7 piece accessory kit comes in a gift box and includes 7 great items for the discerning snooker player. Price £56.97

Again this is just a handful of the products on offer at this price range, cue by Cannon, Britannia and some of the entry level models from Peradon will all fit unde r the £100 budget.

If you want further information or some personalised ideas to your budget or loved one then drop me an email or catch me on live chat.