5 Top Snooker Gifts Under £10.00

Predator 1080 Chalk

Now is the time of year when you guys and girls start looking for snooker gifts for loved ones in the lead up to Christmas. Over the next few days I am going to publish a number of these gift guides that may help guide you towards a purchase that someone you love will love.

This first guide is for snooker gifts under £10, I am picking these personally based on what I think is a great product and also what customers like you are purchasing regularly at Billiards Boutique.

I will state that the items are listed in no particular order and it would have been quite easy to pick 10 products rather than just 5 but I had to limit it somewhere!

5 Top Snooker Gifts Under £10.00

1. As pictured above the Predator 1080 Pure Cue Chalk is not only a very high quality chalk but the shape makes it look a bit different and unique perfect as a gift. Sadly only available in Blue currently, this 5 pack should last any player a good long while. Price £8.90

2. Next up is the Peradon Leather Magnetic Chalk Holder, the perfect snooker gift for any time of year but works excellently as a stocking filler for a snooker player. The metal clip is what holds the chalk to the magnet and it is open allowing very easy chalking. Supplied with a piece of Triangle Chalk. Price £9.97

3. If you have been a member of our email newsletter you will know that I go on about this next product quite a lot. The Black Heart Premium #1 Snooker Cue Tip is a soft layered pig skin cue tip that hits great and grips the cue ball superbly. I use one on both my snooker cue and my English pool cue, not that that is any great endorsement! Price from £5.99.

4. A lot of amateur players now own there own ball sets as club balls are normally well used and not very well looked after. I would also hazard a guess that these are probably Aramith balls, in which case I recommend the Aramith Ball Cleaner liquid. It will keep the balls shiny and polished and running smoothly. Price £9.97

5. The last item in this particular gift guide is the Supafile and Tip Sander Value Pack, two very simple tools to help with fitting and shaping your snooker cue tip at a discounted price, what more is there to love? Price £5.49

It's a short guide but that is the point, it is more to give you an idea of great stocking fillers for a snooker player that fit under the £10 bracket. If you want any more ideas or want to chat about any of the products then please drop me an email or give me a call.

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